Photos of MAP
Look at MAP Move

This is a composite of three 10 second exposures taken 1 or so minutes apart starting at GMT 12:05 on 16 August 2001. The data for images were collected at the Canada France Hawaii Telescope at Mauina Kea by Joshua Shapiro and Nadine Manset. The three images were collected in very bad weather.

MAP was 1.06 billion metres from earth, well past the moon and half way to L2! This image is just a bit over one arc-minute on a side. (68x62 arc seconds) Map is the spot which is moving. (If it is not moving any more, reload the page!) MAP is as bright as a magnitude 18.25 star here.

We found MAP in the 42x28 arc minute CFHT images by looking precisely where our ephemeris files said it should be.

Do not expect to make out any of MAP's features by looking closely at this image. The spot MAP makes in the image is limited by atmospheric effects and corresponds to a 5 km diameter circle at that distance.

I would like to thank Greg Fahlman and the CFHT staff for their help.